For reasons, we need to keep a limit on the amount of characters you make. Please read the following carefully:

Entry Level:

Entry Level:

1 companion or 2 humans

Level 1:

One Month:

2 companions, 4 humans, and 1 "alien"

Level 2:

Two Months:

1 canon character, 2 "aliens", 3 companions, and 4 humans

Level 3:

Three Months:

2 canon characters, 2 "aliens", 4 companions, and 5 humans

Level 4:

Four Months:

3 canon characters, 3 "aliens", 4 companions, 5 humans, and 1 timelord

Level 5:

Five Months:

4 canon characters, 4 "aliens", 5 companions, 5 humans, and 2 timelords

Level 6:

Six Months:

6 canon characters, 5 "aliens", 6 companions, 6 humans, and 2 timelords

No rollback, admin, or B-crat should break this, except for the founder.

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