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Hey there!  I'm Madeyefire, founder of this wiki! This forum is for approving extraterrestrials or 'aliens'. If you want to make an human character, click here, if you want to make a canon character, click here, if you want to create a timelord, click here, or if you want to make an Companion, click here.

In order to get approved, please type your character's name into the box below, click the button entitled "Get Lord President Approved" and follow the directions on the page. Remember, your character must have a real name and not the name of a Doctor Who character, and not your username. Also, they can't be related to important Doctor Who characters either. Please log in or create an account before making a Approvement request, or your request will be denied. Madeye will contact you on your talk page, informing you of your result. Thank you!

If you have anymore questions, contact Madeyefire.

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Morrígan Dustlimb15:31, May 18, 2013Madeyefire

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Thank You!

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